Can Google, BING, and Yahoo Search Results Be Political?

Can Google, BING, and Yahoo Search Results Be Political

By their nature Google, BING, and Yahoo search results are not political. Search engines make their money by showing relevant search results. If they did not show relevant search results no one would use them and they would go out of business.

There are over 150 factors that go into what website is shown at the top of the search results page. These include: The users location, the time of day, what the users search for in their previous 1, 2, or 3 searches. In addition other website design and architecture play an important role.

Search engines tell us that the main areas that a website owner can adjust include the web page content, keyword density, the words in the url, and the meta title and description tags.

With the current debate about the bias of search results we did a survey and compared News search on Google, BING, and Yahoo.

We found the following from search from the Cleveland Ohio area on Tuesday August 28th at 11am est.

News Media Website Ranking

Source Comscore March 2017

Voice Search